Startups head to Thailand for tech conference

A scene from a press conference held Monday to announce the participation of Taiwanese startup companies in a major tech conference in Thailand. (Photo by CNA)

A group of 15 Taiwanese startup companies is headed to Thailand to attend a major tech conference. The government hopes the group’s participation will bring attention and opportunities to the companies while also encouraging foreign startups to come to Taiwan.

The Asian Silicon Valley Development Agency and the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration held a press conference Monday to announce that a Taiwanese contingent will be at Startup Thailand 2018.

The two government agencies have assembled a group of 15 startups to take part in the conference, which is set to open Thursday. The companies span a range of fields, from agricultural biotechnology to smart medicine and data security.

The Asian Silicon Valley Development Agency says it hopes sending the group will give the startups involved more exposure and secure them more investment. At the same time, it says it also hopes the Taiwanese startups will search for local business opportunities.

Meanwhile, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration hopes to use the conference as an opportunity to grow a new startup hub it plans to open in Taiwan at the end of the year. The administration hopes to attract foreign accelerators, incubators, and startup groups to move into the center once it opens.